Ross Rogers

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Languages: C++, Java, Python,javascript, System Verilog, Matlab, Specman, XML, SQL, android, Perl, PHP, bash, make

Software:   Linux, gdb, gcc, SAP,Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion, Git, SCons, VCS, Verdi, Windows

Work Experience

 Intel, Software Engineer in Simulation Testbench Infrastructure, March ’07 – Present

Knights Landing Super Computing Chip

Knights Corner Super Computing Chip

Knights Ferry Super Computing Chip


     PMC-Sierra, Product Design Engineer, January '06 – February ‘07

     Advanced Digital Information Corporation, EE Intern, Summer 2004 and 2005


     University of Southern California - MSCS 2013 - Computer Vision, Distributed Systems, SAP, Web

     University of Washington - BSEE 2005 -  emphases in Digital and Robotics, Dean's List          


     University of Washington DARPA Grand Challenge Team